Pierced Hearts is Live & Available in Kindle Unlimited

Pierced Hearts is available now and the best news is you can download for FREE if you are in Kindle Unlimited. I am so excited for you to finally meet Pierce and Darby and experience their story . This sexy, second-chance romance is an emotional journey that is sure to keep your pulse racing and heart full of love. Pierced Hearts is book one in my brand new series, Southern Charmers.

If you love:

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➡️Second Chance Romances
➡️Rough & Gritty
➡️Sassy & badass Heroines
➡️HOT Reunions
➡️Chocolate… yes, I said chocolate
This is the book for you! Check out Pierce and Darby today.
If you’d like to sneak a peak- read the sample here: https://amzn.to/34O3hbw
About Pierced Hearts:


I’m here.

Back in the same town I ran from years ago and the man I left behind.

Pierce Kendrick, the man I’ve never stopped loving.

The day he walked up to me with his cocky smile, everything changed.

Now, I don’t recognize the cold, harsh, bitter man that stands in his place.

It’s time Pierce knows why I left, and the secrets that drove me away.

Nothing could prepare me for what happens next.

The man I loved reappears. This time, he’s a powerhouse, determined to get back what we lost.

Can it be that simple? 


She’s home.

Darby Graham, the woman who ruined me, has returned.

She rolls back into town, stirring up memories and feelings that I buried long ago.

One look at her and I know she’s been hiding something.

What I don’t expect is for the truth to rock my world.

For a second time in my life, I’m helpless against the power Darby holds over me.

She’s mine.

Her resistance fuels my determination.

My insistence drives her wild.

She says we’re impossible.

I say she’s wrong.

And I’m going to prove it.

Darby Graham thinks I’m crazy.

She’s about to see how crazy things can be. 



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