Pierced Hearts Preorder and Excerpt

Sneak Peek Friday: Pierced Hearts ©Ahren Sanders 2019

He doesn’t acknowledge anyone, doesn’t break his stride, and doesn’t take his eyes off me. There’s confidence in his steps, and I know he’s made a decision that’s about to change both our lives. I swear sparks are crackling in the air the closer he gets.

He sidesteps Connie’s chair without even a glance, wraps his hand around my neck, dips down, and crashes his mouth to mine. My body reacts on its own, pressing up into him and giving in to the kiss. His tongue strokes around mine, teasingly, then dives deeper as he slants my head for full access. It doesn’t take long for my blood to race through my veins, the heat spreading through my body.

This isn’t a quick, happy-to-see-you kiss. It’s much more. This is the kind of kiss a man gives a woman when he’s making a statement. 

That’s what Pierce is doing. He’s making a statement to me and to anyone watching.

I never saw myself as the kind of woman that would openly make out in public, but down in my soul, I need this. ~

YES!  Can’t Wait for you to meet Pierce and Darby!

Pierced Hearts is coming on November 11th!  You can preorder your copies today for the pre-sale price of $3.99 on all platforms.  Once live, Pierced Hearts will be moving to Kindle Unlimited. Grab your copy today.

Amazon→ https://amzn.to/2pgDyt3

iBooks→ https://apple.co/2kG9N2N

BN→ http://bit.ly/2kG3UCJ

Kobo→ http://bit.ly/2kuB9J4

Goodreads TBR→ http://bit.ly/2kjRWOX


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