Power House

Men of Action Series - Book 2

She was meant to be mine.

Julianna Keller is sexy, wild, and carefree with a spark for life that sets my soul on fire.

We’re opposites in every way.

For one night, I allowed myself to imagine what being with a woman like her could be like.

But life goes on.

I returned to my life in the Marines—fighting wars, eliminating threats, and completing missions only a few knew about.

All the time, never forgetting her.

Three years later, we’re back in the same city, thrown together at every turn.

She’s so much more than I remember—brilliant, sophisticated, and still unbelievably gorgeous.

I fight to stay away, hiding my feelings and knowing she deserves so much more.

Then I see her with another man and my world explodes.

Years of training taught me to never let my guard down, but I’m done holding back.

She says it’s too late, our time has passed.

I’m prepared to prove her wrong.

She’s the chaos to my control.

The calm to my storm.

The light to my dark.

The harder she fights to push me away, the more determined I become.

Julianna Keller has no idea how far I’ll go.

My name is Major Powers. And I’ve never failed a mission.

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