Shaw & Bizzy are back…

Ambushes, Champagne, & a Fantasy Suite… What could possibly go wrong?

This story takes place shortly after Hotshot ends. When Bizzy drops the bomb she’s ready to try to have a baby, Shaw is hell bent on taking every opportunity to make their dreams come true.

The details are set: a romantic holiday weekend getaway with nothing but the two of them, clothing optional. What he doesn’t count on is his brothers planning a prank that disrupts all his x-rated  plans.

Throw in a few bottles of champagne, an insatiable bride, and a hidden camera and things get wild.

This will be a Labor Day weekend none of them will easily forget.

**Originally published in the F*cking Awkward Holidays Anthology

Chapter 1


“No matter how many times you repeat it, Ken, I still don’t give a shit. If you want my client’s name on your product, you pay.”

“Come on, Shaw. Three million is more than fair. Think about it. This will be great for Nick’s career. There are a lot of other players who would jump at this opportunity.” Ken tries again to convince me.

“Maybe so, and I welcome you to go ahead and move on. Don’t call me back until you can at least double this offer.  Nick Bennett is his own fucking brand. I may have more sympathy if you didn’t take home a seven million dollar bonus last year.”

There’s a pause on the line, the only sound Ken’s sigh. “You’re a tough son of a bitch.”

“Always.” I chuckle and hang up, knowing I’ll have another offer by tomorrow.

There’s a knock on the glass wall separating my office from Gail, and I look over to see her pointing at the elevators. My heart skips a beat when I see my beautiful wife coming toward me with a smile on her face. The instant I get a good look at her, my mood changes.

She’s wearing her fucking scrubs.

She stops to hug Gail, and I get up to meet her at my door. When she’s within reach, I tag her around the waist and pull her straight to me, sealing my mouth over hers. My free hand goes to unclasp her hair clip, feeling her silky hair fall.

I back us into my office and kick the door closed. The soft buzz indicates that Gail has activated my privacy blinds.

Anytime I see Bizzy, my heart races, but when she’s in my arms, my body comes alive with energy. This moment is no exception. The scent of her body lotion fills my nose, and I kiss her deeply. Her hands move to my scalp, massaging lightly, scoring her nails up and down.

Without breaking our connection, I bend and lift her, forcing her legs to wrap around me as I walk to my couch.

She lets out a little squeal when I drop down, keeping her close.

“Hey,” she breaks away and whispers against my lips.


“How was your call?”

“It was fine. He’s being cheap, but I laid it out straight. I expect another offer tomorrow morning,” I summarize quickly, not wanting to waste time talking about work.

“Nicky is lucky to have you.”

If I don’t want to talk about work, I really don’t want to talk about my brother while she’s in my arms.

“Babe,” I nibble on her lower lips and feel her breath hitch, “are you here to make another fantasy come to life? Last time you popped in unexpected, we fucked on my desk. Since you’re in your scrubs, are we doing a role play?”

Her body goes rigid, her hands dropping from my head to my shoulders.

“Shaw—.” Her eyes meet mine and confirm what I don’t want to hear.

“No, you are not here to tell me you’re going into work tonight. Absolutely not. You already worked two nights this week.”

“Baby, they need me,” she tries to argue.

“I need you,” I state matter-of-factly and watch her eyes fill with guilt. Now I feel like shit.

“I already agreed.”

“Of course you did.”

“Please don’t be upset. I swear I’ll do better. But when Nurse Evie called, I couldn’t say no. Think of all they did for me through the wedding and honeymoon.”

I groan, knowing I’m not going to get anywhere. “It sucks trying to sleep without you. I might as well come to the hospital, too.”

“Sweetie, that’s ridiculous. I’ve called Mathis and Nicky, and they’re coming over for a guy’s night. Then I’ll be home before you leave for work.”

“Great. Now I have to entertain those two idiots.”

“Shaw!” She slaps my chest playfully, and I capture her hand in mine, bringing it to my mouth so I can kiss along her knuckles.

“Bizzy, given the choice of spending the night with my gorgeous wife, where I could be trying to make a baby, or hanging with my brothers, who take every chance they can to piss me off… there really is no choice.”

“They’re not that bad.” She tries to sound convincing but fails as a small giggle escapes. “Okay, they enjoy razzing you up, but it’s all in good fun.”

She’s not kidding. It is all in good fun, but since Bizzy and I were married last month, Mathis and Nick find great humor in the fact that I’m completely whipped. Some men may calm down or even relax after saying ‘I do’, but not me. Somehow, the minute Lizbeth Hastings became Bizzy Bennett, something primal in me erupted, and my fascination with my wife grew.

Then an idea pops into my head. I’ve been uneasy about the start of football season in two weeks, along with the baseball season heading into playoffs. My travel schedule is going to pick up, and Bizzy still has a month until she can officially move to PRN.

I want one last getaway with her before our lives get crazy. And this weekend is out of the question.

“We’re going away next weekend. Do what you need to do, but I want you off Friday through Tuesday.”

Her lips split into a wide grin. “Where are we going?”

“We’re going to spend Labor Day Weekend on the boat. I’m not sure where we’ll go… The Bahamas, The Keys… Who knows? But it’ll be the two of us and no one else.”

She throws herself at me, her arms going around my neck, and kisses all over my face. “I’d love that!”

“Don’t you dare get any ideas, Bizzy. Just the two of us.”


The phone beeps on my desk Gail’s voice coming through a second later. “Shaw, sorry to bother you, but it’s Ken. He says he’s ready to offer his kidney for Nick.”

“I don’t give a shit about his kidney. Does he have a real offer?” I call back to her.

“He says he’ll double for a signature and acceptance in forty-eight hours or less.”

“Fuck yeah,” I say, and Bizzy squeezes me harder.

“Congratulations,” she says softly.

“Gail, tell him I’m going to walk my wife to her car, and I’ll call him back. If it looks right, I’ll have Nick’s signature by the end of the night.”

There’s a click as she hangs up, and I twist to the side, bringing Bizzy to lay on top of me. My dick comes to life when she grinds against me accidently.

“You don’t need to walk me to my car.” Her voice is muffled in my neck.

“I’m going to do a lot more than walk you to your car,” I tell her as my mouth finds hers again.

My hands slide down her back and directly into her pants, cupping her ass to me.  I buck my hips up and grow harder at the sound of her moan in my mouth.

“We have to stop. It’s the middle of the day.”

“I don’t give a shit.” One hand skims around her hip and between her legs, where I feel her heat against my fingertips. Slowly, I start to play with her, slipping two fingers in and out while leisurely kissing her. She swivels and thrusts her hips into my hands, giving a throaty groan. My thumb grazes along her clit, putting pressure in the spot that makes her go wild.

Her breath starts to pant, and I know she’s close, grinding harder against my hand as she comes on a whimper.

“I love that sound, but what I love more is feeling you tremble on top of me.”

“I can’t believe we just did that. What if someone walked in?” She lifts herself up, bracing on my chest.

“No one should ever walk in when you and I are in here alone. Gail knows to play gatekeeper no matter who it is.”

Her already flushed cheeks deepen a shade as she bites her lower lip and lays her forehead against mine. “I’ll try to get out early so I’m home before you wake up.”

“I’ll look forward to it.”

She swings her body over mine, forcing my hand out of her pants. Her eyes flare when she sees the outline of my cock straining against my pants.

“When you look at me like that, it makes it hard to let you go.”

She bends, giving me a quick kiss then walks to the door. “I’ll make sure to get home before you have to leave for work. You better not walk me out with all that going on.” She waves her finger in the air then points to my dick.

Without another word, she leaves, and I painfully stand, adjusting myself. The privacy blinds open right as I slide into my chair. I gesture for Gail to come into my office. Before we deal with the contract for Nick, I need her to help me plan a magical weekend getaway.


“I fucking love you.” Nick taps his glass of whiskey against mine and finishes it in one swallow, then signs his name on the contract I brought home.

“It’s called striking while the iron is hot, and you’re hot right now,” I reply, slapping him on the shoulder. “Keep doing what you do, stay out of trouble, and maybe we’ll see more offers like this come through. Although, I think we should probably do something charitable next.”

“I agree. I think you should speak at this year’s Foundation Dinner for the hospital,” Mathis tells him.

Mathis is doing his residency in Pediatric Medicine at the same hospital Bizzy works. They spend a lot of time together since she is a nurse on the Pediatric Oncology floor. She already told me they were going to try to get Nicky to do the event, so I’ve been waiting for the right time to bring it up. Mathis raises an eyebrow at me, looking for support.

“The event would be perfect,” I add my two cents.

“Fuck no!  I hate public speaking. Everyone knows this, and I’m pretty sure I suck at it.” Nick shakes his head.

“Actually, you’re good. For some unknown reason, people hang on your words.”

He gives me cocky grin that I know so well. “How about letting me use the boat next weekend and I’ll think about it?”

“Hell no.”

“Come on, Shaw. It’s the last weekend before the season starts. Let me and Mathis have it for a day and night. You owe it to me for the big commission you just pulled in today.”

“First of all, I don’t owe you shit. Secondly, I’m taking Bizzy on a weekend getaway. We’re heading to The Keys.”

“The Keys sound great. It’s a big boat, so we’ll have our own room.” Mathis drains his glass, shooting Nick a look I can’t read.

“How can I say this tactfully? FUCK no. I want my wife alone, and you two aren’t invited.”

“Jesus, Shaw, you are the most pussy-whipped asshole I know. You just got back from your honeymoon less than a month ago. Bizzy would love to have us all together.”

I swallow my irritation and the urge to spill the news we are trying to have a baby. It’s only been a short time since she decided she’s ready to try. The last thing I want is to encourage these two to get more involved in my life.

“Nope, maybe another weekend,” I say calmly, going to refill our glasses.

What I miss is the silent communication between the two.

Which soon becomes a colossal mistake.

Chapter 2


The humming starts low, then increases as I crack my eyes open. The bed is empty beside me, confirming my suspicions that Shaw has gotten up at daybreak to start our trip. He explained to me briefly our path last night, so I mentally calculate we have about fifteen minutes until we are far enough away from the marina and dock to have complete privacy on the open water.

I reach around and dig through my bag to find the lingerie I hid. Shaw may have mentioned clothing was optional this weekend, but I did some shopping specifically to surprise him.

I go into the small attached bathroom of our master bedroom and start my preparations. In exactly fifteen minutes, the boat picks up speed, and I stare at myself in the mirror. This is by far the most risqué bra and panty set I’ve ever owned. Even when Claire took me shopping for my honeymoon lingerie, I didn’t allow her to look at anything this skimpy. Scraps of lace cover the essential areas— barely—and the G-string panties are held together by satin strings that could snap at any moment. Before I can talk myself out of it, I head to the kitchen and quickly make two cups of coffee.

The sun has almost completely risen when I walk out onto the deck, looking for my husband.

“Shaw, honey, thought you may want to take a little break for breakfast. And by breakfast, I mean me.”

I stop dead and scream at the sight in front of me. Shaw is tied to the side of the boat with a piece of tape over his mouth. The instant his eyes land on me, he starts to struggle viciously.

“Jesus, no! Put some fucking clothes on!” Nicky’s familiar voice cuts through the air, and I twist to see him looking at me in horror. I scream again and forget I have steaming coffee in my hands when I move to cover myself. The burning liquid coats my front, and I howl in pain as the mugs hit the deck. Mathis comes clamoring down the steps and has the decency to turn immediately when he sees me.

A towel is thrown over my shoulders, and I start to pat myself down, backing into the galley and wincing at the tenderness on my breasts and stomach. By this point, Shaw has turned almost purple as rage simmers from him, still struggling. Mathis approaches him with both hands raised and unties him.

Shaw tears off the tape and stalks to Nicky, who’s also got his hands in the air, apologizing profusely. There’s a little scuffle between the two men, which ends with Shaw punching Nicky in the stomach and then coming straight to me.

“Are you okay?” He cups my cheeks with both hands and scans my face.

“I’m fine, but what the hell is going on?” I clutch the towel around me protectively.

“My fucking asshole, son of a bitch, useless brothers decided to play a little prank.”

“Did they plan to steal your boat for the weekend?”

“No, they planned to join us, against my wishes, so they ambushed me this morning.”

It’s terrible. It’s horrible and downright mean… but I can’t help the giggle that escapes. Shaw’s eyes grow wide in irritation, but some of the fury disappears. “I know it’s awful, but it’s kind of funny.”

“Not one fucking thing I find amusing, especially since they both just saw you practically naked.”

Now, humiliation floods my mind, remembering I loudly announced I wanted Shaw to eat me for breakfast. “Oh my God, they heard what I said to you.”

“I don’t give a fuck about that. Serves them right, but before I go kick both their asses overboard, let’s get you back to the bedroom so I can see if you’re okay.”

He gently nudges me toward our room, and as the shock of the last few minutes disappears, my skin starts to tingle uncomfortably. Shaw’s face is masked with concern when he gently moves my hand and the towel drops. He lets out a low whistle as his eyes transform into the golden honey color I was hoping for with this choice of outfit.

“Surprise,” I practically whisper when his fingertips glide down my neck, collarbone, and come to rest at the front clasp of the now ruined lace bra.

“Most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. Every day, every minute I get to look at you, that’s what I think to myself.” He delicately undoes the clasp and guides it off my shoulders, then he hisses loudly. “I’m going to kill them…”

“It’s not that bad.” I try to calm him, looking at the damage the burning liquid did to my chest.

“Your tits have welts. Your stomach, too.”

“Baby, I swear, I’m okay.”

His eyes meet mine, and he steps away, disappearing into the bathroom and returning with a wet cloth. Tenderly, he runs the soft material over my body and kisses each welt.

“Slowly, painfully, and with great pleasure, I’m going to beat the shit out of my brothers. Then I’m going to turn this boat around and dump them back at the marina.”

“No, Shaw, you’re not. What’s done is done.”

“Bizzy, I could be outside, enjoying the sunrise, with my face buried between your legs. Instead, I’m here wondering about the permanent damage done to your skin because of burns.”

“It was coffee. It’ll be fine.”

“Still, I’m going to—” I cut him off by pulling him close and sweeping my lips over his. He continues trying to argue against me, but I do my best to shut him up.

He relents and kisses me back, moving his hands to grab my ass and lift me. My legs wrap around his waist as I deepen the kiss. Unfortunately, his shirt rubs against me the wrong way, and I whimper in pain.

He tenses, his tongue stopping mid-stroke and breaks away. “They’re going to pay.”

“Okay, but let’s take some time to think of a good payback.”

He stares at me for a minute before his lips tip in a grin. “Okay. We’ll think of something good. But for now, let’s get you dressed and go back out there. We’re going back to Miami.”

I hop down and change into an appropriate pajama set and matching robe. After applying some ointment on my chest, Shaw takes my hand and leads me back to the deck.

It wasn’t exactly the start to the holiday weekend I was expecting, but the more I think about it, I smile.

Maybe we should let them stay?


“How exactly did you convince him to let us stick around?” Mathis sits down, handing me a bottle of water.

“Do you really want to know?” I grin shyly, knowing I will be returning to the store to buy several more outfits like the one I was wearing this morning.

“With the look on your face, I can guess. So no, forget I asked.”

“Exactly what was your plan this morning? How’d you think you’d get away with taking the boat, knowing we were on it?”

“Simple. Surprise Shaw at sunrise and tie him up, then drive the boat far enough away and give Nicky time to beg you to talk some sense into Shaw. We knew he’d be mad, but you and Nicky… no one fucks with that. So Nicky was just about to go wake you up when you came out.”

“Yeah, I wish he had woken me up, and we could have avoided the whole humiliating situation.” I glance down at my chest and see the welts have gone back to normal, leaving angry red steaks in their place.

“How do you think I feel? I’m going to be scarred for life, seeing you practically naked and hearing you offer yourself to my brother to eat.” Nicky sits on the other side of me, shaking his head. “I love you, but that’s going to far.”

“It serves you right. Maybe next time you’ll call me to intervene before we leave the dock.”

There’s a low growl, and we all look up to see Shaw staring at us with a nasty scowl. His eyes soften when they land on mine but then return to glaring at each of his brothers.

“Is he going to be like this all weekend?” Nick speaks low.

“Probably. I said you could stay, but I didn’t say he was happy about it. There’s going to be a lot of groaning and grunting for a while. I’ll talk to him again, but—” I shrug, not needing to finish the statement.

“We’ll make it up to you both. I feel like shit for the burns.”

“Yes, when we dock, let us take you to lunch,” Mathis offers.

“Sounds good, let me talk to him.”

As soon as I’m halfway up the short staircase, Shaw is waiting and kisses me softly.

“They want to take us to lunch to apologize.”


“Shaw! Stop being a grump.”

His expression changes, and I can tell he’s considering it. Then a wicked grin spreads across his face. “I’ll agree to dinner. This afternoon, we’re alone. “

“I’ll arrange it, but you have to promise me you’ll be over your snit by dinner.”

“Oh yeah, babe, I’ll be over my snit, because I’ll have a whole afternoon to work out my anger.”

I melt into him and wrap my arms around his waist, squeezing tightly. “Okay, dinner it is.”

 Chapter 3


I smile in satisfaction when I see Nicky’s eyes grow wide in surprise as he reviews he bill. Tonight, I took no mercy. He caught on when I ordered the most expensive items on the menu, but he kept his mouth shut. Even after having the afternoon alone with Bizzy, I still had payback on my mind. Wisely, he went along, but I get a feeling of content watching him look between me and the check.

“We even now?” He raises an eyebrow and slides his credit card in the black leather jacket.

“You burned my wife’s tits after ruining my breakfast, so hell no.”

I was wrong earlier; this is satisfaction, watching Nicky and Mathis both turn a shade of pale and grab their stomach in disgust. Usually, I’d never discuss my sex life with Bizzy, but it’s icing on the cake knowing how much it grosses them out.

“Shaw.” Bizzy’s hand moves to my chin, forcing my face to hers. “Stop it now.”

She tries to act aggravated, but her eyes start to dance with humor before she bursts into laughter. It may be the endless champagne I’ve poured, but she’s soon gasping for breath.

My brothers look horrified as she falls into my lap and kisses me hard before turning back to them.

“Okay, guys, let’s move past the Bizzy practically naked and oral—”

“STOP!” both men say together.

This sets off another round of giggles, and I hold her closer.

“I want to dance… take me dancing.” She looks at me with so much love, I’d do anything in the world for her.

“Dancing it is,” I state, standing and placing her on her feet.

“I want you two to come, too!” She points to the guys.

I sigh, but stay as Nicky finishes paying the bill, and we all leave the restaurant. Bizzy drags us from one bar to the next, everyone having at least one drink as she checks out the music scene. Finally, she squeals when we find a place a little more upscale playing Jazz Music.

Mathis and Nick find a table as I spin her around the floor, taking every opportunity to hold her close and kiss along her exposed skin. With each movement, my cock grows harder, aching for her. Finally, the band takes a break and she grips my shoulders, leaning back to see my face.

“I want you now.”

“Let’s go.” I have no hesitation, looking toward the door.

“No… I have a better idea.” She takes my hand and leads me off the dance floor, heading to the front. “Let’s find somewhere private.”

“Bizzy—” Warning signs ring in my head, but she puts her finger to my lips to silence me.

She leads me down a dark hallway, behind the bar, and swings her head around, watching the crowd, then opens a dark door and shoves me in forcefully. I barely have time to react when she leaps into my arms and is all over me. Her mouth is on mine, her hands in my hair, and her legs are wrapped so tight, the heat from her pussy seeps through my pants. Even if I had my wits about me, I’d never push her away.

Desire burns in my blood as I back up until I hit a wall and then turn her against it.

“Fuck me, Shaw,” leaves her lips, and I lose any common sense I may have had left. With a few steady movements, I have my hands under her sundress and her panties ripped away. My shorts hit the floor, and I position myself at her entrance, teasing her until she bucks her hips and forces me inside.

She’s so wet, sucking me deep, and it’s me moaning at the sensation.

The first time I ever slid inside Bizzy’s body, I knew she was made for me. Our sexual chemistry and desire is unmatched. But tonight, she’s wild, and fuck if it isn’t something I want more of. The light in the small closet is dim, but I can still see her eyes gleaming as she lets out a gasp and then throws her head back, arching totally into me.

My hands grip tighter as I thrust wildly, feeling her squeeze every inch of my dick. The sounds of our heaving breathing fills the room as I pound into her, knowing we’re both close. She clutches my hair tighter, mumbling something that sounds faintly like ‘fuck me harder’.

With pleasure…

I grab her ass, titling her, and then slam into her three more times until she comes apart, chanting my name. I cover her mouth with my own to swallow her words then thrust once more, coming so hard I feel light-headed.

When the room stops spinning, I tear my lips away from hers and kiss along her face delicately. “You’re fucking amazing,” I whisper against her lips.

“So are you,” she says in a raspy voice that causes my dick to twitch inside her.

Slowly, I pull out and put her down, helping to steady her when she sways a bit.

“I need to find a Ladies Room.” She giggles and points to her torn panties on the floor. It barely registers in my mind the lighting has brightened.

We straighten our clothes, and I do my best to help her clean up. There’s no one in the area when we slip from the room and find the closest restroom.

I lean against the wall to wait and feel the hair on the back of my neck start to prickle when two large bouncers flank to my sides and watch the door with me. As soon as Bizzy exits, her eyes grow wide.

“Mr. and Mrs. Bennett, you will need to come with us,” one of the men says.

I tag Bizzy to my side protectively. “Who the fuck are you?” I demand roughly.

“You need to come with us,” he repeats.

“Not on your fucking life. Get out of our way.” I move us to the side to pass them until one of the men steps in our path.

“We’re not here to cause trouble. The owner wants a word with you.”

“Get out of our way,” I repeat, eyeing the man furiously.

The other guy starts to laugh, which fuels my anger. “You really should come with us.”


“Let’s just say, your little tryst in the Romp Room wasn’t a private affair.”

My stomach turns at the same time Bizzy lets out a little squeal. She shocks me by laughing loudly, leaning into my side.

The men point behind them and then step in front, leading us down another hallway. We climb a set of stairs and enter a whole new club. Except this one isn’t nearly the classy, plush, Jazz Club from below.

Black and red strobe lights spin and flash around a dance floor littered with bodies plastered together. The waiters and waitresses are wearing tight and revealing clothing, and the patrons are barely dressed at all. The music beats and booms through the room, and an uneasy feeling grows in the pit of my stomach the instant I spot a man on stage seductively undressing a woman who is doing the same to him.

“Oh my God, is this—” Bizzy’s hand tightens in mine, and I want to grab her and run.

We are ushered into a bright office that is a complete contrast to the activities going on outside the doors. Behind the desk is a well-dressed man in an expensive suit, waiting for us with a huge smile.

“Thank you for joining me.” He gestures to the large leather sofa in front of his desk.

I sit, pulling Bizzy into my lap, and watch the two men from earlier leave the room.

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Neil, and I am the owner of this establishment.”

“Is this a sex club?” Bizzy asks with more curiosity than anything.

I watch her, expecting to see horror, but instead see a sense of wonder on her face. She’s still flushed from all the champagne and sex, and I want to bury her against me so no one else can see her this way.

“Well, Mrs. Bennett, we don’t refer to this as a ‘sex club’, but it is a bar that is known for its more erotic elements. Downstairs is for the standard tourist crowd who love music and the opportunity to enjoy Key West. Up here is a more selective crowd with… shall we say… prolific sexual tendencies. It is not advertised, nor is it a public venue. However, tonight, you two stumbled into one of our dens that is set up for public viewing.”

At the term ‘public viewing’, I go solid. “Please tell me you are fucking kidding me,” I hiss.

Neil looks at me and shakes his head. “It’s known in this club as the Fantasy Room. Cameras are set up at every angle and record every movement and sound. We make a point to cover faces and mute out names, but the recording feeds back into our fantasy suites, where couples are able to hear and see the action. It’s completely anonymous.”

“Are you telling me I just fucked my wife on video?!?”

“You did,” he confirms.

“That’s fucking illegal to tape us!”

“It’s also illegal to have sex in a public place. My club has restricted access to protect those patrons of the standard Jazz Club. But once you cross into the hallways behind the bar, everything changes. I run a very profitable and respectable business, following all local laws. Waivers are signed, permissions are granted, and discretion is a must. The minute you entered the room, we knew it wasn’t legit. That’s why I asked you to come here.”

“We made a sex tape?” Bizzy bounces on my lap excitedly. She looks between Neil and me in awe and surprises the shit out of me. I expected her to throw herself into my arms in complete humiliation.

“Yes, Mrs. Bennett, it seems so.” Neil gives me a confused look.

“This is so cool! Did anyone see it?”

Both Neil and I look at her and then back to each other, raising our eyes.

“Yes, it was seen.”

“Did people like it?”

“Yes, I believe the reports were very favorable before we pulled it.”

“This is awesome.” She leaps from my lap before I can stop her. “We’re newlyweds… and I’ve been in love with him for like ever. Usually, I’m a little more conservative because I’m a nurse who works with children and my husband is a hotshot lawyer, sports extraordinaire. I love him, and I love having sex with him, so tonight I wanted to do something wild! Making a sex tape would normally freak me out, but since it’s done and I’m obviously drunk— it’s awesome! I mean, he tore my panties off!” She jumps up and down, spilling our story to a complete stranger.

I drop my head to my hands and try my best to find my words, but all I can do is laugh. Neil starts to laugh with me, and I stand, wrapping an arm around her waist and forcing her back to me.

“Babe, you just told a complete stranger you’re not wearing panties.” I kiss her cheek. “Maybe you should quiet down.”

She spins her head to look at me, her eyes glowing. “Isn’t it hot?”

Her words do something to me, and the air starts to thicken with sexual desire. No one moves as I stare into Bizzy’s eyes and see the icy blue start to heat again.

Neil clears his throat, yanking me from my thoughts, and I look to see him smiling again. “As I mentioned, you are not a part of our regular crowd so the tapes have been pulled. But you do need to know they were viewed over live time with a ten second delay so we could handle the privacy on our end.”

I think about all the legal action I could bring against this man and then realize he’s not a dick. He’s protected Bizzy and me for choosing to recklessly have sex in a public closet—or what we thought was a closet—where we easily could have been arrested.

“So what’s next?” I rest my head on Bizzy’s shoulder and look at him.

“Nothing, the recording will be destroyed.”

“Thanks, man. That means a lot.”

“Consider it a favor. I know who you are. I actually reside in Miami.”

“No shit?”

“No shit. I have many business ventures,” he tells me.

“Is this going to come back to bite me in the ass?”

“Not on my watch. Consider it gone. You have my word.”

Something about him is real, and I completely believe him, but I make sure to drive my point. “If that shit leaks, I’ll personally come after you.”

“Noted.” His lip twitches, trying to hide his grin.

I jerk my chin and turn to leave. Bizzy is still buzzing in my arms. Before we get to the door, I reach in my pocket and pull out a card, walking over to hand it to him.

“Any way you can keep one copy and send it to me?”

He roars in laughter and nods, tucking the card in his front pocket. “Absolutely.”

Without another word, I gather Bizzy and we make our way out of the club and back downstairs to find my brothers.


“Shaw!” Bizzy screams as I plate the scrambled eggs and glance at Mathis and Nicky, who are sipping heir coffee with smirks.

“Yes, babe.” I see her approaching with fear on her face and prepare for what’s coming.

Last night, when we left the bar, Mathis and Nick chose to stay behind. They never questioned where we were, and I never gave an explanation, just that we were coming back to the boat because Bizzy had too much to drink. When we got back, I barely had her on board before she jumped me again. We had sex on almost every surface of the galley inside, me taking advantage of her horniness. When we finally landed on the bed, she passed out, and I walked through to straighten up before joining her. This morning, I let her sleep, planning on serving her breakfast in bed.

“Was it all a dream? Did we really???” She pulls her robe tighter, looking between all of us.

“Yep,” is my only reply, and she gasps, leaning against the wall.

Nick gets up and pours her a cup of coffee, making it the way she likes and winking at me. He doesn’t know the whole story, but he’s obviously interested.

“Have some coffee.” He walks to her, and she takes it with an appreciative smile.

They walk back to the sitting area as I make her a small plate and move in beside her on the bench seat. “It was hot,” I whisper in her ear, nibbling along her jaw. “And I’ll have proof soon, for our viewing pleasure.”

Her face turns pink, and she hangs her head to let her hair fall. Her eyes come to mine quickly as she bites on her bottom lip.

“So what exactly happened last night?” Mathis sits down, pushing his shoulder into her gently.

“Nothing! Nothing at all!” Bizzy avoids looking at anyone, especially me. “But I’m not leaving this boat unless absolutely necessary. I can’t face anyone in this town.”

Both guys eye me wearily, and I shrug, kissing the top of her head.

“And another thing—no more champagne!” she screams.

At this, I slide over to get some room and then move her to my lap easily. “Fuck yeah, there will be more champagne. Lots and lots of champagne in your future after last night.”

“Please stop,” Nick gags loudly.

“I second that.” Mathis pushes his plate away.

“Yes, we’re changing the subject! Why don’t we go fishing?” Bizzy suggests.

“Hell yeah!” Nick and Mathis both approve.

“Biz, you sure? This is supposed to be a weekend getaway for us.” I emphasize the ‘us’, shooting my bothers another look of annoyance.

“Sweetie, I’m sure. Fishing will be perfect. I’m going to rest and read on the safety of this boat, where I can hopefully keep us out of trouble. ”

That’s all the confirmation Mathis and Nick need to get moving. Their disgust from minutes ago disappears as they wolf down their breakfast and make a list of things to go buy. Pretty soon, once we check the weather and realize we are clear, the fishing trip goes from one day to an overnight trip on our way back home.

Bizzy curls to me as we make our list of supplies for the guys to buy, and then she falls asleep.

Two hours later, we are on the water, and after some persuading, Bizzy is lazily drinking champagne.


Chapter 4


I move quietly in the small kitchen, making coffee and going to the seating area to watch to the sunrise. We were lucky to find a marina in Islamorada that had a slip availability for the night once the fishing was done.

Shaw may have been furious with our unexpected guests, but by yesterday afternoon, all his anger disappeared and they had a great time. Actually, everyone had a great time. This was the first time since before the wedding we all had the chance to hang out. The pressures of our lives in Miami made it impossible to plan even our mandatory Monthly Dinner Nights.

So regardless of the way the weekend started, it turned out wonderful.

“Morning,” Shaw’s sleepy voice sounds in my ear as he brushes my hair over a shoulder and kisses my neck.


He slides in behind me, wrapping an arm around my stomach. We sit in silence, sharing my coffee and watching until the sun is completely in the sky. There’s a rustling behind us as Mathis and Nick both stagger in, get their own coffee, and join us.

“You look a lot better than yesterday morning,” Nick comments to me with a wink.

“That’s because I was smart about my champagne consumption. I’ve learned my lesson.”

“We’ll see about that. I loved the wild side,” Shaw whispers, sending a tingle down my spine.

“Stop that shit!” Nick frowns at us.

I giggle as Shaw pulls me closer and kisses along my hairline. The move is partly because he loves to kiss me, but in this moment, I think he loves fucking with his brothers more.

“So,” Mathis tries to ignore our affection, “what exactly happened on Saturday night?

I twist to see Shaw’s face and watch his eyes dance in humor.

“We inadvertently made a sex tape. A sex tape that was seen by many people, in a secret sex club. Then we were caught, and I told the owner of the club I wasn’t wearing panties,” I blurt out, watching my best friend’s face turn pale.

Mathis stops mid-sip and swallows hard. Nick makes a superior gagging noise that fills the cabin.

“Jesus, Bizzy! What the fuck!” Nick yells, staring daggers at me.

“It was the champagne!” I shrug, heat creeping up my cheeks.

“It was hot and sexy,” Shaw practically boasts. I can feel him harden against my back. “But I took care of it and it’s not in circulation.”

“Oh my God, this has to be the most fucking awkward weekend ever. No wonder you wanted to haul ass out of Key West.”

The room is quiet as I get lost in my thoughts, remembering the hazy details. Out of nowhere, a giggle bubbles in my throat until I can’t hold it in and start laughing hysterically. Soon, all three men join in and tears run down our cheeks.

“One thing is for sure, there have been some memorable moments this weekend. And Nicky is right; some of those moments have been fucking awkward!”

As with so many memories with these guys, I know I’ll never forget this weekend.























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